No longer in New Zealand. Angel and I are in Portland Oregon, and keeping busy with an entirely different set of projects. The kayak never worked out but it's still on the back burner. I acquired an Alleweder - an aluminium velomobile - and a Longbikes Nitro, predecessor to their Eliminator, and don't have access to welding equipment, so I'm not building many bikes right now. In the next month or two I'll try to take some photos of those bikes and put up pages on them. I recently finished making a cigar box ukulele and Angel acquired an inexpensive Mandolin, so we're learning some music. Next project is an Mountain Dulcimer.

And we're building a house. Righ now it's in the planning stages - we bought a small lot and have been drafting dozens (by now, maybe even hundreds) of different designs for a sub-400sqft house that will meet city code. That will keep us occupied for at least the next year. Angel has some info about it on her site and I may start a page here soon to chronicle our navigation of Portland's zoning and building codes.


I'm in New Zealand now. In Nelson, on the South Island. It's a neat place with the seeds of a promising bike culture. I wasn't able to bring a recumbent along and haven't found a convenient welder yet, so I'm riding an old mountain bike and working on a kayak made out of an old billboard. I may post information on the project here as it progresses, but if you're interested have a look at www.yostwerks.com, which appears to be an excellent source of information on the subject.


This site is an attempt at keeping track of the bikes I build. Most of them are recumbent, and they're almost entirely built from scrap metal, old bikes, and spare parts. I'm just starting to post things, so in the next few months I'll be adding build histories for existing bikes and logs for my two bikes-in-progress - the tandem trike and the velomobile.