In the jig, about ready to weld. I think this ended up taking parts from two frames and three forks? Warning: This isn't a very good jig. My frame came out a little crooked. Do a better job than I did.
Grabbed some square tubing out of the scrap bin for the jig, clamped the main tube on to keep it in place.
Mitered this with an angle grinder. Not very precise. It was good enough for stick welding (sort of) but now that I've moved to brazing I have to make better joints.
Tacked together and out of the jig. The upper end of the steer tube has a stem going into it, and clamped to that is the top part of the front frame (it'll be bolted eventually). I'm not sure if I like this setup, but it was the best I could come up with for making one end of the steer tube detach from the front frame.
From the other side...
One of the seat clamps. These didn't turn out so well... I'll continue to work on better seat clamps.
Finished! And then some, actually. This photo was taken after I completely rebuilt the front end, a few months after I finished the original frame. At this point I was just starting to learn to ride it.
A few months later... Ran into some friends while out riding; they were kind enough to pass along these two photos. I'm especially grateful because I can't often take photos of myself riding! I was still learning to control the bike, but good enough to manage the 20-odd miles to and from Winters.
The open road!
Coming soon: A build history for the second Python... (Until then, click the photo for a Picasa gallery.)